🌎 Mission

Our purpose is to help small businesses succeed and our cities continue to be engines of opportunity for humanity.

America was built by entrepreneurs, adventurers, and inventors. Small and medium-sized businesses make up 99.9% of all US businesses and almost 50% of jobs.

The US government sets aside over $100B a year to spur economic development at the local, state, and federal level to incentivize job growth, community investment, and business growth. However, most of this money either goes unclaimed, or to large corporations with teams of tax attorneys and government relations teams.

We want to democratize access to capital for America’s small businesses by leveraging our dataset to pair advanced manufacturing entrepreneurs with billions of dollars in economic development incentives and tax credits.

We believe we can achieve the ultimate win-win-win-win:

  1. Helping cities enact their economic development plans;
  2. Allowing small business owners to access and collect the incentives designed to help them grow and thrive;
  3. Enabling individuals who have faced significant barriers to employment (ex-military, ex-felons, folks with disabilities, long term SNAP recipients, etc) stand out in the job market;
  4. And assisting under-served communities and geographies in securing investment.

👩‍💼 Pledge 1%

Subcity is a mission-driven organization. At our founding, we set aside 1% of our equity for a charity that deeply aligns with our goal of helping small businesses succeed: The SBDC is the most comprehensive small business assistance network in the United States and its territories.

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